Research focus

  • Monolithic catalysts with hierarchical pore systems
  • Acid and redox catalyzed reactions in continuous flow
  • Investigation of mass-transfer limitations with respect to hierarchical pore structures


Catalytic and diffusion studies of hierarchically structured monolithic catalysts for the conversion of organic substrates to valuable chemicals

The process industry has uses solid catalysts since decades. However, it is confronted with the challenge of mass transfer limitations within nanoporous catalyst structures. This challenge can be addressed by hierarchically structured catalysts, in which larger pores can significantly facilitate transport for a rapid reactant delivery to the active sites and product removal, while smaller pores provide a high surface area for catalytic activity. Monoliths exhibit more degrees of freedom in their design than conventional particulate fixed-bed reactors from the local pore scale up to the bulk material scale. Hence, a rational design of hierarchically structured monolithic catalysts for reactors of practical significance, combining the knowledge of their transport characteristics and chemical reaction engineering is essential.

last modified: 26.04.2019

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