14.03.2019: Henry Kurze achieves 2nd place at "Jugend forscht" in the regional competition

On 07.03.19 the regional competition of "Jugend forscht" took place in the town hall of Neues Rathaus in Leipzig. Henry Kurze, who prepared his practical work (BeLL) in the working group of Mr. Prof. Gläser under supervision of M. Sc. Holger Becker, successfully applied with his project for this event. After acceptance of the work with the title "Definition of the external morphology of KIT-6 particles by transfer of the synthesis strategy of spherical SBA-15 particles" it was the task to present it to the jury and the audience. Mr. Kurze performed so well that he was able to win the 2nd place despite strong competition. This was rewarded with 50 €. We congratulate him and wish him all the best for the future and a successful career in chemistry.

27.06.2018: Muslim Dvoyashkin and Dilara Issayeva awarded Pre-Doc Award by Research Academy Leipzig

On June 5 2018, B. Sc. Dilara Issayeva and Dr. Muslim Dvoyashkin participated in the Pre-Doc Award Final Symposium, which was organized by Research Academy Leipzig (RAL) to discuss the result of a financial support of the candidates by RAL for a period of one year. The intention of the award is to conduct of preliminary studies for an application for funding to secure a PhD-position at our University. The tandem Issayeva-Dvoyashkin was one out of four tandems who received a positive answer on their application. This tandem later in the evening provided a feedback on the Pre-Doc Award experience emphasizing a win-win situation for both applicants within the tandem. Further information can be found here (Link). Congratulation to Dilara and Muslim!

Florian Harth

Winners of the Pre-Doc-Award 2017

Tandem Dilara Issayeva-Muslim Dvoyashkin from the Institute of Chemical Technology (AK Gläser)

01.05.2018: Reoccupation of the secretary's office

The secretary's office is reoccupied by Ms. Isabel Holzke since May 1st, 2018.

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30.11.2017: Ken Luca Abel receives the Wolfgang-Natonek-Award 2017

On November 30, 2017, B.Sc. Ken Luca Abel, master student in the group of Prof. Gläser, was honored with the Wolfgang-Natonek-Award 2017 of the Förderer und Freunde der Universität Leipzig (Supporters and Friends of Univierstät Leipzig). Since 1996, this award is yearly given to students for outstanding performance and social engagement. Besides excellent grades in his studies, Ken Luca Abel has strongly contributed to work of the boards of the Faculty. Congratulations!

19.12.2016: X-Mas Party of the Institute of Chemical Technology on the 15.12.2016

07.03.2016: Hierarchical Catalysts on Deutschlandfunk

On March 2nd, Prof. Gläser gave an interview explaining the benefits of hierarchically structured vanadia-titania catalysts for the denitrification of off-gases (SCR-DeNOx). Listen to the interview on Deutschlandfunk at

22.02.2016: Reoccupation of the secretary's office

The secretary's office is reoccupied by Ms. Petra Hartmann since February 2nd, 2016.

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Visiting times will be announced later.

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