• Synthesis of high cerium oxide content borate glasses

  • Structural investigations in the CeO2/B2O3/Na2O glass system

  • Porous glass bodies via selective laser sintering

Current Projects

On the way to new glass materials with catalytic activity, there are many possible elements and combinations of thereof. Not all catalytically active materials can be processed into glass and not all glass-forming elements have interesting catalytic properties.
For the lanthanoid cerium oxide, however, these two properties meet.
Cerium oxide can already be found in automotive catalytic converters today. Cerium oxide has the ability to oxidize carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide under oxygen deficiency in the exhaust gas stream and to reactivate itself afterwards in case of excess oxygen in the exhaust gas. These and other applications, such as a potential use in hydrogen production using solar energy, make cerium oxide an interesting compound with direct relevance to everyday life. As a glass with an amorphous structure, this offers new possibilities for shaping and modification.
However, it is first necessary to understand the basic structure and the interaction of the material system.

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