• Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 und Al2O3 containing borate glasses for catalytic applications

  • Surface modification of porous VYCOR® glass by TiO2 und Al2O3 via sol-gel synthesis

  • Application of synthesized porous glass materials in water remediation and acid catalysed reactions

  • Synthesis of pore width gradient glass monoliths

Current Projects

TiO2 has been widely exploited due to its low cost, high chemical and mechanical stabilities, huge surface area and its appropriate band gap energy of 3.0 eV. However, the use of TiO2 powder hinders its application in various fields due to conglomeration and recovery of the catalyst particularly in water remediation. Therefore this research will focus on the preparation of porous TiO2 containing glasses. The pores are generated by thermal induced phase separation followed by subsequent selective extraction.   Another focus is on porous Al2O3 containing glasses due to their strong acidic sites which can be utilized in acid catalysed reactions e.g. hydrocracking. However, due to the phase separation depression effect of this glass type, an alternative strategy with the aim to increase the amount of Al2O3 in the porous glasses will be investigated.

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