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Silanization of siliceous materials, part 3: Modification of surface energy and acid-base properties of silica nanoparticles determined by inverse gas chromatography (IGC)
Bauer, R.; Meyer, R.; Bertmer, M.; Naumov, S.; Al-Naji, M.; Wissel, J.; Steinhart, M.; Enke, D. 
Colloids Surf. A (2021), 618, 126472.

Impact of Geometric Disorder on Phase Equilibria of Fluids and Solids Confined in Mesoporous Materials
Enninful, H.; Schneider, D.; Enke, D.; Valiullin, R.
Langmuir (2021), Accepted.

Sodium solid electrolytes: NaxAlOy bilayer-system based on macroporous bulk material and dense thin-film
Hoppe, A.; Dirksen, C.; Skadell, K.; Stelter, M.; Schulz, M.; Carstens, S.; Enke, D.; Koppka, S.
Materials (2021), 14(4), 854.
DOI: 10.3390/ma14040854

Hydrothermal dissolution of technical grade vitreous silica in sodium hydroxide solutions to liquid water glasses with higher SiO2:Na2O ratios
Pfeiffer, T.; Enke, D.; Roggendorf, H.
Chem. Ing. Tech. (2021), 93, 3, 1-10.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.202000107

The Production of Biogenic Silica from Different South African Agricultural Residues through a Thermo-Chemical Treatment Method
Maseko, N. N.; Schneider, D.; Wassersleben, S.; Enke, D.; Iwarere, S. A.; Pocock, J.; Stark, A.
Sustainability (2021), 13, 577.


Capillary Stamping of Functional Materials: Parallel Additive Substrate Patterning without Ink Depletion
Runge, M.; Hübner, H.; Grimm, A.; Manoharan, G.; Wieczorek, R.; Philippi, M.; Harneit, W.; Meyer, C.; Enke, D.; Gallei, M.; Steinhart, M.
Adv. Mater. Interfaces (2020), 2001911.
DOI: 10.1002/admi.202001911

Selective functionalization of the outer surface of MCM-48 type mesoporous silica nanoparticles at room temperature
Yismaw, S.; Ebbinghaus, S. G.; Wenzel, M.; Poppitz, D.; Gläser, R.; Matysik, J.; Bauer, F.; Enke, D.
J. Nanopart. Res. (2020), 22:279.

A novel approach for advanced thermoporometry characterization of mesoporous solids: Transition kernels and the serially connected pore model
Enninful, H. R. N. B.; Schneider, D.; Kohns, R.; Enke, D.; Valiullin, R.
Microporous Mesoporous Mat. (2020), 309, 110534.

In situ synthesis and characterization of sulfonic acid functionalized hierarchical silica monoliths
Kohns, R.; Meyer, R.; Wenzel, M.; Matysik, J., Enke, D.; Tallarek, U.
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. (2020), 96, 67–82.

Advanced textural characterization of biogenic silica by nitrogen physisorption, positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy and hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR spectroscopy
Schneider, D.; Attallah, A. G.; Wassersleben, S.; Wenzel, M.; Matysik, J.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Enke, D.
Microporous Mesoporous Mat. (2020), 307, 110515.

The behavior of metal impurities on surface and bulk of biogenic silica from rice husk combustion and their impact on ash melting tendency
Zareihassangheshlaghi, A.; Dizaji, H. B.; Zeng, T.; Huth, P.; Ruf, T.; Denecke, R.; Enke, D.
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (2020), 8, 10369−10379.
DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.0c01484

Influence of Pore Space Hierarchy on the Efficiency of an Acetylcholinesterase-Based Support for Biosensorics
Kohns, R.; Anders, N.; Enke, D.; Tallarek, U.
Adv. Mater. Interfaces (2020), 2000163.
DOI: 10.1002/admi.202000163

Towards Macroporous α-Al2O3—Routes, Possibilities and Limitations
Carstens, S.; Meyer, R.; Enke, D.
Materials (2020), 13, 1787.
DOI: 10.3390/ma13071787

Scanner-based capillary stamping
Hou, P.; Kumar, R., Oberleiter, B.; Kohns, R.; Enke, D.; Beginn, U.; Fuchs, H.; Hirtz, M.; Steinhart, M.
Adv. Funct. Mater. (2020), 2001531.
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202001531

Structural Changes of Hierarchically Nanoporous Organosilica/Silica Hybrid Materials by Pseudomorphic Transformation
Bilo, M.; Münzner, M.; Küster, C.; Enke, D.; Lee, Y. J.; Fröba, M.
Chem. Eur. J. (2020), 26, 11220-11230.
DOI: 10.1002/chem.202000512

Synthesis of monolithic shape-stabilized phase change materials with high mechanical stability via a porogen-assisted in situ sol-gel process
Marske, F.; Martins de Souza e Silva, J.; Wehrspohn, R. B.; Hahn, T.; Enke, D.
RSC Adv. (2020), 10, 3072-3083.


Sol-gel synthesis of α-Al2O3 with enhanced porosity via dicarboxylic acid templating
Carstens, S.; Splith, C.; Enke, D.
Sci. Rep. (2019), 9:19982.

Effect of Al2O3 on phase separation and microstructure of R2O-B2O3- Al2O3-SiO2 glass system (R = Li, Na)
Kwinda, T. I.; Koppka, S.; Sander, S. A. H.; Kohns, R.; Enke, D.
J. Non-Cryst. Solids (2019), 531, 119849.

Particle size control of monodispersed spherical nanoparticles with MCM-48-type mesostructure via novel rapid synthesis procedure
Yismaw, S.; Kohns, R.; Schneider, D.; Poppitz, D.; Ebbinghaus, S.G.; Gläser, R.; Tallarek, U.; Enke, D.
J. Nanopart. Res. (2019), 21:258.

Nano-casted N-doped carbon created from a task-specific protic salt and controlled porous glass
Singh, V.; Gantman, M.; Selvam, T.; Muenzer, M.; Enke, D.; Schwieger, W.
Front. Chem. (2019), 7:767.

Reticulated Alumina Replica Foams with Additional Sub-micrometer Strut Porosity
Carstens, S.; Dammler, K.; Scheffler, M.; Enke, D.
Adv. Eng. Mater. (2019), 1900791.

Deformable film/foil from at least an inorganic non metallic material, process for their production, as well as their use
Enke, D.; Krenkel. S.; Steinhart, M.; Beiner, M.
DE 102018201846 A1 20190808 (2019), German patent application.

Low-Cost Microwave-Assisted Partial Pseudomorphic Transformation of Biogenic Silica
Schneider, D.; Kircheis, R.; Wassersleben, S.; Einicke, W.-D.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.
Front. Chem. (2019), 7:575.
DOI: 10.3389/fchem.2019.00575

Thermochemical Purification, Technical Properties, and Characterization of Ethiopian Diatomite from Adami-Tulu Depo
Weldemariam, Y.; Enke, D.; Schneider, D.; Alemayehu, E.
Chemistry Africa (2019), 2, 733-740.
DOI: 10.1007/s42250-019-00080-z

Functionalization of porous siliceous materials, Part 2: Surface characterization by inverse gas chromatography
Bauer, F.; Meyer, R.; Czihal, S.; Bertmer, M.; Decker, U.; Naumov, S.; Uhlig, H.; Steinhart, M.; Enke, D.
J. Chrom. A (2019), 1603, 297-310.

Long-term heat treatment of phase separating sodium borosilicate glass
Sander, S. A. H.; Weiss, M.; Denecke, R.; Enke, D.; Roggendorf, H.
Adv. Eng. Mater. (2019), 21, 1900187.

Comparative gas sorption and cryoporometry study of mesoporous glass structure: Application of the serially connected pore model
Enninful, H. R. N. B.; Schneider, D.; Hoppe, A.; König, S.; Fröba, M.; Enke, D.; Valiullin, R.
Front. Chem. (2019), 7:230.

Generation of High Quality Biogenic Silica by Combustion of Rice Husk and Rice Straw Combined with Pre- and Post-Treatment Strategies — A Review
Dizaji, H. B.; Zeng, T.; Hartmann, I.; Enke, D.; Schliermann, T.; Lenz, V.; Bidabadi, M.
Appl. Sci. (2019), 9, 1083.
DOI: doi:10.3390/app9061083

Investigation of the formation process of highly porous α-Al⁠2O⁠3 via citric acid-assisted sol-gel synthesis
Carstens, S.; Enke, D.
J. Eur. Cer. Soc. (2019), 39 (7), 2493-2502.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2019.01.043

Electrochemistry of Hydrogen Peroxide Reduction Reaction on Carbon Paste Electrodes Modified by Ag-and Pt-supported Carbon Microspheres
Randjelović, M. S.; Momčilović, M. Z.; Enke, D.; Mirčeski, V.
J. Solid State Electrochem. (2019), 23 (4), 1257-1267.

Rice Husk Derived Porous Silica as Support for Pd and CeO2 for Low Temperature Catalytic Methane Combustion
Liu, D.; Seeburg, D.; Kreft, S.; Bindig, R.; Hartmann, I.; Schneider, D.; Enke, D.; Wohlrab, S.
Catalysts (2019), 9 (1), 26.
DOI: 10.3390/catal9010026


Gas chromatographic enantioseparation of fluorinated anesthetics: Single column performance and scale‐up estimation
Mutavdžin, I.; Munkelt, T.; Enke, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.
Chemical Engineering & Technology (2019), 42 (1), 241-251.
DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201800294

One‐Shot Measurement of Effectiveness Factors of Chemical Conversion in Porous Catalysts
Chmelik, C.; Liebau, M.; Al-Naji, M.; Möllmer, J.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.; Kärger, J.
ChemCatChem (2018), 10, 5602-5609.

Zelluläre Bauteile aus nanoporösem Glas
Koppka, S.; Rädlein, E.; Enke, D.
DIALOG Materialwissenschaften und Werkstofftechnik (02/2018), 2, 74-83.
ISSN: 2193-3383

Hydrothermal Dissolution of Low-Quartz in Sodium Hydroxide Lyes-Kinetics and Equilibrium
Pfeiffer, T.; Sander, S. A. H.; Enke, D.; Roggendorf, H.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2019), 91 (1-2) 92-101.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201800092

Development of a semi-continuous gas chromatographic process for separating enantiomers of chiral anesthetics
Munkelt, T.; Mutavdzin, I.; Hamel, C.; Enke, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2018), 90 (9), 1193-1217.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201855186

Confinement-induced polymorphism in acetylsalicylic acid–nanoporous glass composites

Peksa, P.; Trzmiel, J.; Ptak, M.; Kostrzewa, M.; Szatanik, R.; Barascu, A.; Enke, D.; Sieradzki, A.
Journal of Materials Science (2019), 54, 404-413.

A generalized procedure for the production of high-grade, porous biogenic silica
Schneider, D.; Wassersleben, S.; Weiß, M.; Denecke, R.; Stark, A.; Enke, D.
Waste and Biomass Valorization (2018), Ahead of Print.
DOI: 10.1007/s12649-018-0415-6

Effect of the pore size and surface modification of porous glass membranes on vanadium redox-flow battery performance
Mögelin, H.; Barascu, A.; Krenkel, S.; Enke, D.; Turek, T.; Kunz, U.
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry (2018), 48 (6), 651-662.

Hierarchical silica monoliths with submicron macropores as continuous-flow microreactors for reaction kinetic and mechanistic studies in heterogeneous catalysis
Kohns, R.; Haas, C. P.; Hötzel, A.; Splith, C.; Enke, D.; Tallarek, U.
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering (2018), 3, 353-364.
DOI: 10.1039/C8RE00037A

Capillary nanostamping with spongy mesoporous silica stamps
Schmidt, M.; Philippi, M.; Münzner, M.; Stangl, J. M.; Wieczorek, R.; Harneit, W.; Müller-Buschbaum, K.; Enke, D.; Steinhart, M.
Advanced Functional Materials (2018), 28, 1800700.

Exploring electrochemical and sorptive aspects of interaction between dissolved sulfides and novel Fe-enriched aluminosilicate composites
Ranđelović, M. S.; Momčilović, M. Z.; Purenović, J. M.; Dornberg, G.; Barascu, A.; Enke, D.; Zarubica, A. R.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2018),  549, 196-204.          

Porous glass membranes for vanadium redox-flow battery application - Effect of pore size on the performance
Mögelin, H.; Yao, G.; Zhong, H.; dos Santos, A. R.; Barascu, A.; Meyer, R.; Krenkel, S.; Wassersleben, S.; Hickmann, T.; Enke, D.; Turek, T.; Kunz, U.                                                                                        
Journal of Power Sources (2018), 377, 18-25.                                                                                            
DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2017.12.001 

Deformierbare Folie aus mindestens einem anorganischen nicht-metallischen Material, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung, sowie deren Verwendung
Enke, D.; Krenkel, S.; Steinhart, M.; Beiner, M.
DE 10 2018 201846.4 (2018); German patent application.

Hierarchically Structured Porous Spinels via an Epoxide-Mediated Sol−Gel Process Accompanied by Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation
Herwig, J.; Titus, J.; Kullmann, J.; Wilde, N.; Hahn, T.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.
ACS Omega (2018), 3(1), 1201-1212.                                                                                                 
DOI: 10.102/acsomega.7b01621

Synthesis of MCM-48 granules with bimodal pore systems via pseudomorphic transformation of porous glass
Uhlig, H.; Münster, T.; Kloess, G.; Ebbinghaus, S.; Einicke, W.-D.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.               
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2018), 257, 185-192.
DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2017.08.033

Comparative Study between Direct and Pseudomorphic Transformation of Rice Husk Ash into MFI-Type Zeolite
Alyosef, H. A.; Roggendorf, H.; Schneider, D.; Inayat, A.; Welscher, J.; Schwieger, W.; Münster, T.; Klöß, G.; Ibrahim, S.; Enke, D.
Molecules (2018), 23(1), 1.
DOI: 10.3390/molecules23010001


Hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR as an Alternative Approach for Investigating Structure and Transport in Ordered Mesoporous Materials Prepared via Pseudomorphic Transformation
Hollenbach, J.; Küster, C.; Uhlig, H.; Wagner, M.; Abel, B.; Gläser, R.; Einicke, W.-D.; Enke, D.; Matysik, J.
J. Phys. Chem. C (2017), 121, 15804−15814.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b04365

Process for the production of molded shapes from glass with porous glass with porous covering and homogeneous nucleus
Dornberg, G.; Enke, D.
Ger. Offen. (2017), DE 102015224005 A1 2017060.

Pseudomorphic Transformation of Porous Glasses into Micelle-Templated Silica
Uhlig, H.; Hollenbach, J.; Rogaczewski, M.; Matysik, J.; Brieler, F. J.; Fröba, M.; Enke, D.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2017), 89(7), 863-875.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201600189

High-performance monoliths in heterogeneous catalysis with single-phase liquid flow
Haas, C. P.; Müllner, T.;  Kohns, R.; Enke, D.; Tallarek, U.
React. Chem. Eng., (2017), Advance Article, 2, 498-511.
DOI: 10.1039/C7RE00042A  

Effects of curing and organic content on bioactivity and mechanical properties of hybrid sol–gel glass scaffolds made by indirect rapid prototyping

Hendrikx, S.; Kuzmenka, D.; Köferstein, R.; Flath, T.; Uhlig, H.; Enke, D.; Schulze, F. P.; Hacker, M. C.; Schulz-Siegmund, M.
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. (2017), 83, 143-154.

Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy at a superconducting electron accelerator
Wagner, A.; Anwand, W.; Attallah, A. G.; Dornberg, G;  Elsayed, M.; Enke, D.; Hussein, A. E. M.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Liedke, M. O.; Potzger, K.; Trinh, T. T.
IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series (2017), 791(1), 012004.

Pore size distribution of MCM-41-type silica materials from pseudomorphic transformation - A minimal input data approach based on excess surface work
Kolesnikov, A. L.; Uhlig, H.; Möllmer, J.; Adolphs, J.; Budkov, Y. A.; Georgie, N.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2017), 240, 169–177.
DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2016.11.017

Hydrothermal Dissolution of Opal in Sodium Hydroxide Lyes for the Synthesis of Water Glass
Pfeiffer, T.; Enke, D.; Roth, R.; Roggendorf, H.
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (2017), 7(1), 76-90.
DOI: 10.4236/aces.2017.71007

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Untersuchungen zur Adsorption von Inhalationsanästhetika im Spurenbereich an kommerziellen und neuartigen Adsorbentien
Bucher, D.; Pasel, Dr. C.; Luckas, PD Dr. M.; Fröba, Prof. Dr. M.; Enke, Prof. Dr. D.; Bathen, Prof. Dr. D.; Bilo, M.; Küster, C.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2016), 88(9), 1301.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.20165025

Sol-Gel and Porous Glass-Based Silica Monoliths with Hierarchical Pore Structure for Solid-Liquid Catalysis
Enke, D.; Gläser, R.; Tallarek, U.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2016), 88(11), 1561-1585.
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201600049

The Influence of Surface Topography and Surface Chemistry on the Anti-Adhesive Performance of Nanoporous Monoliths
Eichler-Volf, A.; Xue, L.; Dornberg, G.; Chen, H.; Kovalev, A.; Enke, D.; Wang, Y.; Gorb, E. V.; Gorb, S. N.; Steinhart, M.
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2016), 8(34), 22593–22604.
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b01926

Synthese von porösen Voll- und Core-Shell-Glaskugeln zur Trennung von chiralen Anästhetika
Münzner, M.; Dornberg, G.; Küster, C.; Enke, D.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2016), 88(11), 1761–1769. 
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201600053

MFI-type zeolites from natural materials: A comparative study of MFI-type zeolites generated from different diatomite species (part I)
Alyosef, H. A.; Roggendorf, H.; Schneider, D.; Inayat, A.; Welscher, J.; Schwieger, W.; Münster, T.; Kloess, G.; Ibrahim, Z.; Enke, D.
Journal of Porous Materials (2016), 23(6), 1609-1618.
DOI: 10.1007/s10934-016-0222-z

Diffusion in complementary pore spaces
Mehlhorn, D.; Kondrashova, D.; Küster, C.; Enke, D.; Emmerich, T.; Bunde, A.; Valiullin, R.; Kärger; J.
Adsorption (2016), 22(7), 879–890.

Recent advances in the synthesis of hierarchically porous silica materials on the basis of porous glasses
Inayat, A.; Reinhardt, B.; Herwig, J.; Küster, C.; Uhlig, H.; Krenkel, S; Raedlein, E.; Enke, D.
New J. Chem. (2016), 40(5), 4095-4114.

Pharmaceutical nanocrystals confined in porous host systems - Interfacial effects and amorphous interphases
Sonnenberger, N.; Anders, N.; Golitsyn, Y.; Steinhart, M.; Enke, D.; Saalwaechter, K.; Beiner; M.
Chemical Communications (2016), 52(24), 4466-4469.

Water-based functionalization of mesoporous siliceous materials, Part 1: Morphology and stability of grafted 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane
Bauer, F.; Czihal, S.; Bertmer, M.; Decker, Ulrich; Naumov, S.; Wassersleben, S.; Enke, D.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2016), Ahead of Print.

Charakterisierung von Kieselgelen mit bimodaler Porenstruktur mittels Positronenlebensdauer-Spektroskopie
Uhlig, H.; Zieger, S.; Bluhm, C.; Münster, T.; Klöss, G.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Enke, D.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2016), 88(3), 291-297.

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Measuring Mass Transport in Hierarchical Pore Systems
Kärger, J.; Valiullin, R.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.
385-424, DOI: 10.1002/9783527673957.ch12
in: Mesoporous Zeolites: Preparation, Characterization and Applications
García-Martínez, J.; Li, K.; Davis, M. E.
April 2015, Wiley-VCH, ISBN: 978-3-527-33574-9

Manufacture of highly porous, anisotropic glass monoliths with a honeycomb-like structure
Krenkel, S.; Uhlig, H.; Enke, D.; Rädlein, E.
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses - European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B, 56 (2015), 4, 149-158(10).

Positron-Annihilation-Lifetime-Spectroscopy (PALS) for the characterization of bimodal silica-gel synthesized by pseudomorphic transformation
Uhlig, H.; Adouane, G.; Bluhm, C.; Zieger, S.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Enke, D.
Journal of Porous Materials (2015), 23(1), 139-144.

Meso/Macroporous Silica from Miscanthus, Cereal Remnant Pellets and Wheat Straw
Alyosef, H. A.; Schneider, D.; Wassersleben, S.; Roggendorf, H.; Weiß, M.; Eilert, A.; Denecke, R.; Hartmann, I.; Enke, D.
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (2015), 3 (9), 2012–2021.

Feuer und Flamme für die Umwelt - Katalysatoren mit Emissionsbestwerten
Enke, D.; Wassersleben, S.
Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft - Transferbrief Leipzig, 2/15, 11.

Hochporöse Monolithe auf der Basis von "flüssigem" Sand - Wärmedämmung auf höchstem Niveau
Enke, D.; Wassersleben, S.
Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft - Transferbrief Leipzig, 2/15, 10.

Synthesis of Porous Carbon Monoliths by Using Porous Concrete as Template. Part II: Investigations of Mechanical Properties
Taubert, M.; Heider, R.; Erlitz, M.; Hille, E.; Lange, A.; Enke, D.; Klepel, O.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2015), 87(7), 998–1002.

Adiabatic burst evaporation from bicontinuous nanoporous membranes
Ichilmann, S.; Rücker, K.; Haase, M.; Enke, D.; Steinhart, M.; Xue, L.
Nanoscale (2015), Advance Article, 7, 9185-9193.

Improving mass-transfer in controlled pore glasses as supports for the platinum-catalyzed aromatics hydrogenation
Göpel, M.; Kabir, H.; Kuester, C.; Saraci, E.; Zeigermann, P.; Valiullin, R.; Chmelik, C.; Enke, D.; Kaerger, J.; Gläser, R.
Catalysis Science & Technology (2015), 5, 3137-3146.

Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) as a tool for an energetic characterisation of porous materials
Rückriem, M.; Enke, D.; Hahn, T.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2015), 209, 99-104.

Microimaging of Transient Concentration Profiles of Reactant and Product Molecules during Catalytic Conversion in Nanoporous Materials
Titze, T.; Chmelik, C.; Kullmann, J.; Prager, L.; Miersemann, E.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.; Weitkamp, J.; Kärger, J.
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2015), 54(17), 5060-5064.

Silica-Supported Phosphotungstic Acid for Gas Phase Dehydration of Glycerol
Herbon, M.; Lange, A.; Weiss, M.; Suprun, W.; Enke, D.
Chemical Engineering & Technology (2015), 38(3), 431-440.

Porous glass membranes with an aligned pore system via stretch forming in combination with thermally induced phase separation
Barascu, A.; Kullmann, J.; Reinhardt, B.; Rainer, T.; Roggendorf, H.; Syrowatka, F.; Enke, D.
Glass Physics and Chemistry (2015), 41(1), 73-80.

Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) as a tool for an energetic characterisation of porous materials
Rückriem, M.; Enke, D.; Hahn, T.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2015), 209, 99-104.

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Hierarchy benefits the SCR-denox activity of V2O5/TiO2 mixed oxide catalysts
Saraci, E.; Arndt, R.; Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.
Preprints - American Chemical Society, Division of Energy & Fuels (2014), 59(2), 906-907.

Effect of acid treatment on the chemical composition and the structure of Egyptian diatomite
Alyosef, H. A.; Ibrahim, S.; Welscher, J.; Inayat, A.; Eilert, A.; Denecke, R.; Schwieger, W.; Münster, T.; Klöss, G.; Einicke, W.-D.; Enke, D.
International Journal of Mineral Processing (2014), 132, 17-25.

Biogenic Silica from Rice Husk Ash - Sustainable Sources for the Synthesis of Value Added Silica
Alyosef, H. A.; Uhlig, H.; Münster, T.; Klöss, G.; Einicke, W.-D.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.
Chemical Engineering Transactions (2014), 37, 667-672.

Attempts to design porous carbon monoliths using porous concrete as a template
Taubert, M.; Beckmann, J.; Lange, A.; Enke, D.; Klepel, O.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2014), 197, 58-62.

Phase transition in NH4HSO4-porous glasses nanocomposites
Cizman, A.; Marciniszyn, T.; Enke, D.; Barascu, A.; Poprawski, R.
Journal of Nanoparticle Research (2013), 15(7), 1756/1-1756/7.

Combustion chamber of a wood burner with a catalytic component for emission reduction and retrofitting kit
Specht, B.; Werner, F.; Einicke, W.-D.; Dvoracek, D.; Enke, D.; Hartmann, I.; Butt, S.; Bindig, R.
Ger. Offen. (2014), DE 102013020398 A1 20140612

Hydrogenation of p-Nitrophenol to p-Aminophenol as a Test Reaction for the Catalytic Activity of Supported Pt-Catalysts
Göpel, M.; Al-Naji, M.; With, P.; Wagner, G.; Öckler, O.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.
Chemical Engineering & Technology (2014), 37(3), 551-554.

Hierarchically structured MCM-41 silica beads via nanocasting in combination with "pore-protected" pseudomorphic transformation
Küster, Ch.; Reinhardt, B.; Fröba, M.; Enke, D.
Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (2014), 640(3-4), 565-569.

Hierarchically structured glass monoliths based on polyurethane foams as template
Reinhardt, B.; Herwig, J.; Rannabauer, S.; Scheffler, M.; Enke, D.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2014), 34(5), 1465-1470. DOI:10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2013.11.042

Morphology of Porous Hosts Directs Preferred Polymorph Formation and Influences Kinetics of Solid/Solid Transitions of Confined Pharmaceuticals
Graubner, G.; Rengarajan, G. T.; Anders, N.; Sonnenberger, N.; Enke, D.; Beiner, M.; Steinhart, M.
Crystal Growth & Design (2014), 14(1), 78-86.

Inverse silicon carbide replica of porous glasses
Hoffmann, C.; Reinhardt, B.; Enke, D.; Kaskel, S.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2014), 184, 1-6.

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Reversible Adhesion Switching of Porous Fibrillar Adhesive Pads by Humidity
Xue, L.; Kovalev, A.; Dening, K.; Eichler-Volf, A.; Eickmeier, H.; Haase, M.; Enke, D.; Steinhart, M.; Gorb, S. N.
Nano Letters (2013), 13(11), 5541-5548.

Exploring Internal Structure of Nanoporous Glasses Obtained by Leaching of Phase-Separated Alkali Borosilicate Glasses
Shakhov, A.; Reichenbach, Ch.; Kondrashova, D.; Zeigermann, P.; Mehlhorn, D.; Enke, D.; Valiullin, R.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2013), 85(11), 1734-1741.

Rückgewinnung und Enantiomerentrennung chiraler Anästhetika mittels modifizierter poröser Glaeser
Recovery and Enantioseparation of Chiral Anesthetic Gases with Modified Porous Glasses

Munkelt, T.; Küster, C.; Hamel, C.; Enke, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2013), 85(11), 1686-1693.

Hydrogenation of p-nitrophenol to p-aminophenol as a test reaction for the catalytic activity of supported Pt catalysts
Göpel, M.; Al-Naji, M.; With, P; Wagner, G.; Oeckler, O.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2013), 85(11), 1774-1778.

Transformation of porous glasses into MCM-41 containing geometric bodies
Uhlig, H.; Gimpel, M.-L.; Inayat, A.; Gläser, R.; Schwieger, W.; Einicke, W.-D.; Enke, D.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2013), 182, 136-146.

Slow gas uptake and low pressure hysteresis on nanoporous glasses: The influence of equilibration time and particle size
Reichenbach, C.; Enke, D.; Möllmer, J.; Klank, D.; Klauck, M.; Kalies, G.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2013), 181, 68-73.

Mechanism of pseudomorphic transformation of spherical silica gel into MCM-41 studied by PFG NMR diffusometry
Einicke, W.-D.; Enke, D.; Dvoyashkin, M.; Valiullin, R.; Gläser, R.
Materials (2013), 6, 3688-3709.

The Potential of IR Micro-Imaging for In-situ Studies of Chemical Reactions in Nanoporous Catalysts
Kullmann, J.; Küster, C.; Titze, T.; Chmelik, Ch.; Gläser, R.; Enke, D.; Prager, L.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2013), 85(11), 1768-1773.

Concentration-dependent self-diffusion of water in aqueous solutions of lithium chloride confined to porous glasses
Beckert, S.; Gratz, M.; Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.; Stallmach, F.
Applied Magnetic Resonance (2013), 44(7), 827-836.

Ultra-thin porous glass membranes - An innovative material for the immobilization of active species for optical chemosensors
Müller, R.; Anders, N.; Titus, J.; Enke, D.
Talanta (2013), 107, 255-262.

Silica monoliths with hierarchical porosity obtained from porous glasses
Inayat, A.; Reinhardt, B.; Uhlig, H.; Einicke, W.-D.; Enke, D.
Chemical Society Reviews (2013), 42(9), 3753-3764.

Characterization of Biogenic Silica Generated by Thermo Chemical Treatment of Rice Husk
Alyosef, H. A.; Eilert, A.; Welscher, J.; Ibrahim, S.; Denecke, R.; Schwieger,W.; Enke, D.
Particulate Science and Technology (2013), 31(5), 524-532.

Inverse gas chromatographic studies on porous glass
Rückriem, M.; Hahn, Th.; Enke, D.
Optica Applicata (2012), 42(2), 295-306.

Characterization of pore filling of mesoporous host systems by means of positronium annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS)
Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.; Thränert, St.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Beiner, M.
Optica Applicata (2012), 42(2), 281-286.

Hierarchically structured silica via combination of salt sintering process and phase separation
Reinhardt, B.; Enke, D.; Bienhaus, G.
Optica Applicata (2012), 42(2), 265-270.

Microwave-assisted phase separation of alkali-borosilicates in the production of nanoporous glasses
Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.; Hahn, Th.; Bauerschäfer, U.; Ledig, L.; Gai, St.; Bochmann, A.
Optica Applicata (2012), 42(2), 255-263.

Synthesis of hierarchical micro/mesoporous Y-zeolites by pseudomorphic transformation
Einicke, W.-D.; Uhlig, H.; Enke, D.; Glaeser, R.; Reichenbach, Ch.; Ebbinghaus, S. G.
Colloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2013), 437, 108-112.

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Preparation of porous glass monoliths with an aligned pore system via stretch forming
Barascu, A.; Kullmann, J.; Reinhardt, B.; Rainer, T.; Roggendorf, H.; Dubiel, M.; Enke, D.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2012), 95(10), 3013-3015.

Mesopores in USY Zeolites II
Lutz, W.; Enke, D.; Einicke,W.-D.; Täschner, D.; Kurzhals, R.
Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (2012), 638(14), 2189-2192.

Shape-preserving transformation of monolithic porous glass into MFI-type zeolite
Peppel, T.; Paul, B.; Kraehnert, R.; Enke, D.; Luecke, B.; Wohlrab, S.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2012), 158, 180-186.

Imprinting macropore arrays into mesoporous silica monoliths
Grimm, S.; Lange, A.; Enke, D.; Steinhart, M.
Journal of Materials Chemistry (2012), 22(19), 9490-9493.

Preparation of porous, hierarchically organized glass monoliths via combination of sintering and phase separation
Reinhardt, B.; Enke, D.; Syrowatka, F.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2012), 95(2), 461-465.

Cavitation and Pore Blocking in Nanoporous Glasses [Erratum to document cited in CA155:314039]
Reichenbach, C.; Kalies, G.; Enke, D.; Klank, D.
Langmuir (2012), 28(1), 1056.

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Size-dependent growth of polymorphs in nanopores and Ostwald's step rule of stages
Rengarajan, G. T.; Enke, D.; Steinhart, M.; Beiner, M.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2011), 13(48), 21367-21374.

Effect of excess silicate on the structure formation and textural properties of MTS materials
Inayat, A.; Kuhnt, A.; Schwieger, W.; Einicke,W.-D.; Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.
Journal of Porous Materials (2011), 18(6), 767-777.

Single-Particle and Ensemble Diffusivities-Test of Ergodicity
Feil, F.; Naumov, S.; Michaelis, J.; Valiullin, R.; Enke, D.; Kärger, J.; Bräuchle, ch.
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2012), 51(5), 1152-1155, S1152/1-S1152/5.

Cavitation and Pore Blocking in Nanoporous Glasses
Reichenbach, C.; Kalies, G.; Enke, D.; Klank, D.
Langmuir (2011), 27(17), 10699-10704.

Nanoporous glass as a model system for a consistency check of the different techniques of diffusion measurement. [Erratum to document cited in CA154:570633]
Chmelik, C.; Enke, D.; Galvosas, P.; Gobin, O.; Jentys, A.; Jobic, H.; Kaerger, J.; Krause, C. B.; Kullmann, J.; Lercher, J.; Naumov, S.;Douglas, R. M.; Titze, T.
ChemPhysChem (2011), 12(9), 1612.

This article corrects:

Nanoporous Glass as a Model System for a Consistency Check of the Different Techniques of Diffusion Measurement

Vol. 12, Issue 6, 1130–1134, Article first published online: 22 MAR 2011

Mesoporous Glass Membranes as Model Systems to Study Gas Diffusion through Porous Media
Stoltenberg, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Enke, D.
Chemical Engineering & Technology (2011), 34(5), 831-836.

Nanoporous glass as a model system for a consistency check of the different techniques of diffusion measurement
Chmelik, Ch.; Enke, D.; Galvosas, P.; Gobin, O.; Jentys, A.; Jobic, H.; Kärger, J.; Krause, C. B.; Kullmann, J.; Lercher, J.; Naumov, S.; Douglas, R. M.; Titze, T.
ChemPhysChem (2011), 12(6), 1130-1134.

Entwicklung neuartiger hierarchisch strukturierter Silika-Membranen für Anwendungen in der Biosensorik
Anders, N.; Enke, D.
Conference Paper: Dresdner Sensor-Symposium 2011, Dresden, Volume: 10, 297-300.
DOI: 10.5162/10dss2011/16.3

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Mesopores in USY Zeolites
Lutz, W.; Enke, D.; Einicke, W.-D.; Taeschner, D.; Kurzhals, R.
Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (2010), 636(15), 2532-2534.

Inverse replica of porous glass as catalyst support
Wohlrab, S.; Janz, A.; Pohl, M.-M.; Kreft, S.; Enke, D.; Koeckritz, A.; Martin, A.; Lücke, B.
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis (2010), 175 (Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts), 315-319.

Further advancements in predicting adsorption equilibria using excess formalism: Calculation of adsorption excesses at the liquid/solid interface
Kalies, G.; Reichenbach, C.; Rockmann, R.; Enke, D.; Bräuer, P.; Jaroniec, M.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2010), 352(2), 504-511.

Formation of Mesopores in USY Zeolites: A Case Revisited
Lutz, W.; Kurzhals, R.; Kryukova, G.; Enke, D.; Weber, M.; Heidemann, D.
Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (2010), 636(8), 1497-1505.

TEMPO Containing Polynorbornene Block Copolymers Prepared via ROMP and Their use as Scaffolds in Sol/Gel- Process
Kir, O.; Hüsing, N.; Enke, D.; Binder, W. H.
Macromolecular Symposia (2010), 293(Olefin Metathesis), 67-70.

Mesoporous glass membranes as model systems for study of gas diffusion through porous media
Stoltenberg, D.; Enke, D.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2010), 82(6), 829-835.

Water vapor sorption on hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanoporous materials
Enke, D.; Rückriem, M.; Schreiber, A.; Adolphs, J.
Applied Surface Science (2010), 256(17), 5482-5485.

Inverse gas chromatography for determining the dispersive surface energy of porous silica
Rückriem, M.; Inayat, A.; Enke, D.; Gläser, R.; Einicke, W.-D.; Rockmann, R.
Colloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2010), 357(1-3), 21-26.

Characterization of nanoporous monoliths using nitrogen adsorption and positronium annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Kullmann, J.; Enke, D.; Thränert, S.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Inayat, A.
From Colloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2010), 357(1-3), 17-20.

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